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Bahari Construction Company

Sales Offices

Creating new branding for a leading construction company was first reflected in designing their sales office.


The sales office was designed as a showcase for the business, as it is the first thing a client sees upon entering. This particular office space was designed to create an environment that is relaxing, and at the same time allows focusing and concentrating. The color schemes, lighting, and choice of furniture work together to create a stimulating interior that maximizes productivity.


The design was created to dissolve typical objections that real-estate buyers normally have. Hues of light brown and light green, opaque white lighting and bright colors were chosen. The reception desk was embedded with asymmetric shapes of pebbles, with opaque glass partitions creating the sense of a large space while keeping the atmosphere as intimate as possible. The firm later testified they were able to close many more deals due to this new design, which positively influenced the company’s potential clients and staff. 

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