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Hoshea 18

A luxury apartment in Tel aviv

Seaside apartment overlooking the sea by Tel Aviv port

The location: On the 4th floor of a beachfront residential building overlooking the sea.

The home: An apartment of 200 sq. m (c. 2,150 sq. ft) and a terrace of  another 03  sq.m (c. 322 sq. ft).

The owners: An L.A couple in their seventies he is a businessman; she is a well known psychotherapist, being former Israelis they wanted a place of their own upon their visits to the country.

The clients’ brief:  The owners wanted to design their dream home away from home and as it is only the two of them, the whole apartment was adapted from the original layout into one big master bedroom and lounge so that all spaces flow to one another. The bedroom is overlooking the sea and can become part of the lounge by opening a huge set of mashrabiya doors, the bedroom has a large bathroom and powder room as made traditionally in the US, together with a walk in closet and all spaces are joined together and separated by see through mashrabiya doors that capture the movement of the waves, allowing the sea to become part of the interiors.

The colour scheme has been kept calm and modern with natural smoked oak parquet, stainless steel doors, and an elegant modern kitchen. The spark of the house is seen in the daring of the owner to use her favorite colour green in stone surfaces, the kitchen island and back sink wall are covered with green quarts, the bathrooms have been cladded with green Iranian stone and if you are a guest of this house the secret of green is well kept to the owners. A guest unit is located by the entrance to allow the lady of the house to work while in Israel and the guest bathroom is cladded with golden gray stone looking modern and elegant.

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