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Golan Beach Hotel

Sea Of Galilee

The sea of galilee is a lake of romance, it is located in the north of Israel surrounded by hills and is considered the biggest source of sweet water to Israel and her neighboring countries. Many songs have been written about the lake as a source for longing and love, to its water, the eucalyptus trees and basalt stone and as a symbol of fertile land and music.  While choosing the design approach we have considered the basalt as a strong element for the design with rough materials of the area creating a resort which is connected to its location and identified with its surroundings. all water vessels are made of basalt stone imitating the dark ground of the lake, both private pool, basin and bathtub are black stone.  The layout keeps an open view from the bathroom to the private pool and the sea and demonstrating not wanting to take your eyes of what you love, together with basking and bathing in its sweet water.

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