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Ramon Inn

Mitzpe Ramon

Isrotel Ramon Inn is a hotel for nature and desert lovers who come to take a walk in the crater, and enjoy its spectacular the topography and the starlight nature reserve that are unique to its location.

The design approach to the Ramon in renovation was driven from its natural phenomenon that is the crater, influenced from its colours, stone layers, and

textures together with the experience of watching the starlight which is reflected in the design.

The desire was to create a hospitality experience that will be adequate for the high-quality traveler crowd that frequents the area.

The planning values ​​revolve around the trip in the crater and how we would like those travelers to enjoy the same values of hiking and uniting with nature during their stay at the Ramon inn.

The sofa on a raised floor bench with cushions uses as a sofa and a place for sleep, just like spreading your sleeping bag on the ground while camping for the night. all walls are plaster finished in sand-colored, a dynamic hammock in the space is used as an armchair for the more adventurers among us. We brought the moon and stars into the bedroom by creating a big light fixture on the wall simulates the moon while metal stars are scattered in a fixed grid on the plaster ceiling.

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