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Dgani House

 A Parisian loft in the heart of a kibbutz
The design of your home is a reflection of your life’s journey...

The Dgani house was borne of the client's dream to create a Parisian loft in the heart of a green and beautiful Kibbutz. The client, wanted to recreate the memory of her happy family experience in Paris, in her Kibbutz home.


The design language was established using natural materials. The flooring in both the living room and bathroom was created using large cement tiles, the surface of which was imprinted with real timber parquet flooring for the bedroom, and timber texture for the main living area. This use of raw material continues as a theme wherein the living room and kitchen are visually connected by a brick wall that lends a warm palette to the environment. This sense of detail and texture continues into the bathroom, where the walls are rendered with a fabulous lace pattern printed and textured cement tile, set off by flamboyant old English-style sanitary fittings.


The house was furnished with a combination of antique furniture that had been in the family for generations and modern classic pieces in order to create a beautifully eclectic feel.  This is also set off by custom pieces such as the dining table set underneath the kitchen island, that can be pulled out and further extended to provide additional seating space. Finally, the entire interior is carefully illuminated by different styles of theatrical light fittings suspended from the ceiling.


Working with the client was a joyful experience which is always conducive to the creative process and helps create beautiful results.


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