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Zen Penthouse

Location: Tel Aviv- Jaffa

Area:  400 Sqm

Year: 2017

Renders: Ando Studio

Tasked with creating a haven within the lively streets of Jaffa, overseeing the vibrant cityscape, our client sought a bespoke penthouse that would embody tranquility amidst the urban hustle. This urban oasis, known as the Zen Penthouse, was envisioned to seamlessly blend minimalist elegance with modern functionality. The client desired a space characterized by clean lines, a serene color palette, and deliberate design choices that instill a profound sense of calmness—a sanctuary amidst the bustling energy of Jaffa.

A pivotal feature of this bespoke penthouse was the layered terrace, a creation envisioned to encapsulate the client's desires for serenity and immersion in a Japanese-inspired oasis. This ethereal outdoor space was meticulously designed to offer distinct experiences—a serene aquatic world with graceful fish transitioning into floating decking for serene dining experiences amidst the calming waters. The terrace also featured a floating pavement floor, serving as a dedicated area for yoga and meditation, harmonizing with the client's aspiration for a tranquil escape within this urban retreat.

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