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Golan Beach

Location: Sea Of Galilee

Area: 9,000 Sqm

Rooms:  130 rooms

Year: Under construction

Hotel chain : Gorodonia

Renders: Adi Armani

Associate: Ari Shaltiel

Arc: Feigin

The design concept for the Golan Beach Hotel is drawn from its natural surroundings, the shores of the Sea of Galilee. In formulating the design concept, we asked ourselves what the Sea of Galilee means to us and to Israel, exploring its uniqueness and history. We discovered an attachment to the lake, where many love songs evoke romance and attempt to personalize the Sea of Galilee.

This perspective led me to examine what the Sea of Galilee means to me, beyond being a well-known freshwater lake in Israel and a beloved national treasure. The State of Israel, with its classification of precipitation zones, attributes the Sea of Galilee to the status of water levels, often referred to as the level of worry or tranquility. Surrounded by barren mountains and the basalt stone dominating the area, the Sea of Galilee's construction is based on dark soil. Therefore, we chose to emphasize water containment elements in the room by using basalt for the sink bathtub and private pool. The room's walls are covered in basalt with a dark gray tone that seeks to outline its boundaries.


The design, with shades of dark gray and black, enhances warmth through carpentry work, using eucalyptus wood, a characteristic landscape element of the Sea of Galilee. The goal was to work with materials that define the Sea of Galilee while creating simplicity that speaks to the place's natural textures, fostering an atmosphere of love for the native landscape.

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