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Ha'reches Hotel

Location: Jerusalem

Area: 10,000 Sqm

Rooms:  180 rooms

Year: Under construction

Client:  Rami Levy

"The Ridge Hotel commands an elevated position atop Jerusalem's promenade, offering an unmatched vista of the revered Old City, cherished across Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Embracing the essence of this breathtaking panorama, our design ethos focused on crafting each space as a sanctuary devoted to this remarkable view. Every detail was meticulously arranged to harmonize with and honor this captivating landscape.

Here, the landscape takes center stage. The bathroom, divided into private shower and WC areas, accentuates the basin zone, inviting guests to indulge in the view while refreshing themselves. An elegantly angled mirror complements the bed's orientation towards the terrace, offering seamless integration with the outdoors. Intricately designed mirrored bronze shower partitions mirror the allure of the landscape once more.

Our selection of materials evokes timeless elegance, seamlessly blending stone, copper, and wood. A vibrant rug, inspired by the rhythmic patterns of olive groves, injects life into the design.

Furthermore, our public spaces seamlessly integrate with the outdoors; the lobby mimics the landscape's topography, guiding guests on an ascending journey towards the lounge. The building's atrium celebrates five floors of open space with spatial railings shaped like leaves, akin to being crowned with a laurel wreath. From this elevated point, guests are treated to the captivating view of Old Jerusalem, including the iconic golden dome of Temple Mount. As guests retreat to the restaurant, an olive grove-themed ceiling sets a serene ambiance, inviting diners to select their spot amidst the 'trees' for a delightful dining experience."

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