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Innovative and Creative Interior Design for commercial and residential properties specialising in hotels and luxury apartments.

Creating a unique concept

Cleansing yourself in a clear blue space of relaxation, influencing all of your senses, accompanied by video art of a puddle that reacts to the movement of your feet upon it's surface. Smell the essence of the ocean and enjoy the music, surrendering to it's purity and allowing yourself to be rejuvenated.


Ruth Arad Design will create an exciting new concept for your interior environment...

Building a design story

A story can be told that you can enter into like a dream and have any experience come to life. A room by the sea influenced by the form and texture of shells, a corridor that changes as you walk through, a guestroom of tranquility and purification.


Ruth Arad Design will build you an extraordinary story...


Making Art 

In some of our projects we find that bespoke artwork is the best way to compliment any interior. The creation of new artwork helps to introduce additional detail to the space whilst further intensifying the emotional engagement with the room.


Ruth Arad Design works with leading photographers and graphic designers to make unique pieces of art.

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