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Hoshea 18

Location: Tel Aviv

Area:  200 Sqm

Year: 2023

Renders: Alex Lobimiv

Seeking their perfect sanctuary, the owners reconfigured the entire apartment into a spacious master bedroom and lounge, seamlessly blending each space. The bedroom, overlooking the sea, effortlessly merges with the lounge through expansive mashrabiya doors. It features a sizable bathroom, a powder room in the traditional US style, a walk-in closet, and interconnected yet distinct areas delineated by translucent mashrabiya doors, harmonizing the sea's soothing presence with the interiors.

With a tranquil and contemporary aesthetic in mind, the interior design embraces natural smoked oak parquet flooring, sleek stainless steel doors, and an impeccably modern kitchen. Adding a distinctive touch, the owner infused her favorite color, green, embellishing stone surfaces, the kitchen island, and the sink wall with vibrant green quartz. The bathrooms boast exquisite cladding using green Iranian stone, kept exclusively for the owners and discreetly concealed from guests.


Moreover, a guest unit strategically positioned near the entrance serves as a workspace for the lady of the house during her stays in Israel. The guest bathroom exudes sophistication, adorned with refined cladding in golden gray stone, accentuating its modern elegance.

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