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Location: Sde Boker , Negev Desert

Area: 10,000 sqm

Rooms:  164 rooms

Year: 2020

Hotel chain : Isrotel

Photography: Assaf Pinchuk

Arc: Lea Robanenko

The design of the Kadma Hotel was based on a desert concept, inspired by its location along the Perfume Route—a historical trade route used for transporting spices and fragrances during ancient times. When conceptualizing the hotel, the decision was to create a design deeply rooted in the connection to the desert, crafting a hotel that serves as an oasis for its guests.

Employing local materials and specifically working with rounded finishes emerged from the desert's integration. The desert wind sculpts hills, while sand blends its tones across the landscape. The design, represented by the desert, involved working with simple materials such as stone, wood, plaster, and metal, each meticulously crafted to maintain a monochromatic harmony of earthy tones.

The desert-inspired hospitality was creatively reflected in the creation of a tent-like structure using ropes, fostering intimacy and connection. Seating on the ground translated to built-in alcove seating, ensuring comfort. Ceiling lowering was executed through canopies, and lighting between them twinkled like stars.

Arad's remarkable design at the hotel garnered her prestigious international design awards, acclaiming her exceptional talent and innovation in the field.

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