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Mr. Soof-
Holiday Apartments

Location: Eilat

Area: 1500 Sqm

Rooms:  28 rooms

Year: 2020

Hotel chain : Tlv2Go

Photography: Studio Peleg

Arc: Eyal Lugasi

Introducing Mr. Soof* Apartment Hotel, Eilat's pioneering architectural gem, and the newest addition to TLV2GO's boutique Apart-Hotel collection. It's a unique retreat redefining the traditional hotel stay, offering a genuine immersion into local life on the city streets.

Nestled along HaTmarim Boulevard, Eilat's vibrant mosaic boasts its distinct colors and climate, framed by the Red Sea and desert mountains that transform under the day's passage. Our innovative interior design approach for these holiday apartments brings forth unprecedented ideas, drawing inspiration from the landscape, date palms, and urban living.

Crafting three apartment styles mirroring the evolving shades of dates—from lush greens to deep burgundy tones—we use sleek black metal frames and intricate wood designs to add sophistication to kitchen and bathroom features. Specially tailored palm tree wallpapers adorn each apartment, harmonizing with its chosen color palette, while reflecting a Parisian elegance rarely seen in Eilat.

Rooted in the city's history, Mr. Soof aims to revive the cosmopolitan allure brought by Eilat's early European settlers, ushering in a new era of sophistication and charm at the heart of the city.


*Soof, derived from the Hebrew name for the Red Sea, possibly alludes to the blossoming red reeds (soof) along its shores.

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