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Sara Hotel

Location: Haifa

Area: 4,000 Sqm

Rooms:  115 rooms

Client:  Atidim Group

Renders: Adi Armani

The design concept for the Haifa project delves into the city's historical evolution from Ottoman to British and Israeli rule, with a specific focus on the ongoing revitalization of the lower city. Haifa, being a port city, is currently experiencing significant development in the lower city, creating a robust connection between bustling trading activities at the port and the vibrant interior. This design aims to celebrate the lower city's values by seamlessly blending industrial and urban expressions from diverse historical periods and linguistic backgrounds.

The lower city, often overlooked, is becoming a hub of vitality with the relocation of institutions, universities, and urban services. Residential buildings, restaurants, and cafes are adding to the transformation, creating a dynamic urban landscape. The ground floor of the hotel functions as a bustling urban space, providing a self-check-in service and adapting its layout based on the evolving needs of guests. During specific times, the entire ground floor transforms into the beating heart of the hotel, especially the restaurant area.

SARA HOTEL embraces an irreverent, affordable, popular, avant-garde, humorous, sassy, and naughty lifestyle. The interior design, complemented by high-quality homemade menus and a lively events calendar, captures the essence of Sara's vibrant personality. At the heart of the hotel, the restaurant becomes a focal point for people to meet, share meals, and immerse themselves in the city's spirited atmosphere. The menus offer a delightful fusion of Israeli Mediterranean breakfast, English high tea, and warm Arabic hospitality. Join us for a uniquely fun-filled experience that showcases the beauty of Israel and Haifa to the world!

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